Our Impact

Our Impact
Since the late nineties, we have worked hard to bring more safety to children

Areas of Impact

We have held over 20 conferences  with hundreds of participants 

Educating protective parents, judges, lawyers, therapists and other professionals

We have begun the process of collecting data from family courts

The data collected has been analyzed to establish definitive patterns of the problems within family court

We have helped
  change state and federal laws to better protect children

Recent examples include CA AB1050 and House Concurrent Resolution 72

We have united people in a movement 

We have formed organizations and 
cultivated partnerships to catalyze faster change


These highlights are a testament to the difference that communities can make when we come together to create lasting change.

Giving Children a Voice

CA AB1050, 2010:  This state law moved the age a child can speak in court to 14 or younger, thus allowing the children to have a voice. Current work is being done to lower this age to 10 years old.

Pointing out the Gap in Training

Audit of Marin and Sacramento Family Courts, 2011:  The first state audit of family courts showed a lack of proper training for the courts and professionals to rule on sensitive family court matters.

Creating a movement

California Protective Parents Association's work is adding momentum to a growing movement to address child abuse

Since many protective parents are mothers who have lost custody of children by reporting abuse, we gather as supporters to all of these women who are trying to protect their child and regain custody of their children from the abusive parent. This past year CPPA hosted a Mother’s Day Conference for mothers who have lost custody of their children. Through the Mothers of Lost Children movement, mothers and supporters have gathered in Washington DC to march for protection of abused children every May since 2010.  Each year, they meet with Congress to update them on the status of abused children across this country.

CPPA created the Courageous Kids Network for children of abuse to have an online space to get more support.

CPPA partnered with other organizations to form the Advocates for Child Empowerment and Safety coalition in 2014.  The coalition brings together the best grassroots efforts to end the abuse of children in the US.

Fixing broken processes

H. Con. Res. 72:  Introduced into Congress in 2017, this resolution acknowledges that child safety should be the priority of custody and visitation adjudications, and calls for state courts to improve adjudications of custody where family violence is alleged. 
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