House Concurrent Resolution 72

House Concurrent Resolution 72

 A major step forward in the direction of child safety
H. Con. Res. 72 is a child safety resolution that will allow for states to ensure that child safety is the first priority in our courts; family violence matters are resolved before assessing best interest of the child; evidence from court and paid officials will only be accepted from those with the proper abuse and trauma training; and there will be oversight hearings to ensure family court practices are safe for children. See the full resolution text here

This is a major step forward for child safety in our courts that will help lead to protection and more needed changes from funding to state laws and adherence of laws.

Child safety is NOT complicated. Join Us!

Please check to see if your US House Representative is on the list of current cosponsors here.

Ask your representative to cosponsor this resolution to ensure child safety if they are not already a sponsor. Find your own representative here. 
  • 58,000 children a year are court ordered into partial or full custody with their abusive parent after their safe, protective parent attempts to protect them through the family court.
  • More than 595 innocent kids have been murdered by a divorcing or separating parent in the U.S. in the past decade.
  • When abuse is reported in custody cases, 60 - 75% of abusers gain custody. In one study, this number goes up to 85% in California.
  • The total lifetime estimated financial costs associated with just one year of confirmed cases of child maltreatment (including physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse and neglect) amounts to approximately $124 billion.
  • The CDC and Kaiser Permanente tracked longitudinal research into “adverse childhood experiences” (the ACEs study) has shown that “children who experience abuse and neglect are also at increased risk for adverse health effects and certain chronic diseases as adults, including heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, liver disease, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high levels of C-reactive protein.”  
  • The ACE Study also shows many children have a higher risk of addictions, depression, school struggles, anxiety, teenage pregnancy and suicide.
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