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A Short Note to You

If you are a professional...
Thank you for coming to our page. If you are a judge, lawyer, evaluator, psychologist, LMFT, or other professional we welcome you here. While there are many ethical professionals, there are many who are not, who are hurting your industry and preventing justice to be served. Children are being harmed, many are dying, ACE scores are skyrocketing, blind eyes are turning, and this must end.   

With many professionals profiting by ignoring abuse, child trafficking is happening here in our own state, across this country and throughout our world and many children are dying. The great responsibility you take within your profession has never been more important.  

Many of you have not received the proper training. Most are not trauma informed. Many have been told to ignore abuse claims for it is just a “high conflict” situation. False claims are told to be accepted and are taught, including PAS. Divorce courts are not following the best interest standard in most abuse case and children are being silence instead of protected.

Children who are abused naturally do not want to be with their abusers. When the abuser is a parent they may feel obligated to do so. It is your responsibility to remove the child from abuse, regardless of the relationship. Being a parent does not give a person a right to abuse their child.

It is our hope we can help shed light into this darkness that has taken over our family courts. Right now only 10% of the abused children are believed and getting help. With only 2 to 6% of abuse claims to be false, we see 90% of abused not getting the right help. This needs to reversed. 

At CPPA, we support all protective parents, but we acknowledge most are women as in general, women have less money to defend themselves, there are still biases in our courts, adults do not like to think about child abuse and it is easier to blame the mother than believe abuse happened.

H. Con. Res. 72 will bring child safety before custody. It will allow you to stand in the truth and protect the child, even when your colleagues may not be doing what is right. Our hope is to work together with you to bring solutions that help protect child and change laws, policies and procedures to end this crisis. It takes a village and we need your help.

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