Educational Conferences

CPPA March Conference 2018 - Silicon Valley
 Starting in March 2018 we will provide a training conference in the Bay Area to help continue the awareness of the problems families of abuse face in family courts, how we are bringing change to create new work flows and educate on the new research that is showing the need for more trauma informed professionals.

Social Justice Movement

Mother’s Day Events in Washington D.C. - May 2018 
Schedule will be available in early spring. Every year since 2007 protective parents, Mothers of Lost Children and supporters gather in Washington DC to bring change to our family court crisis. CPPA will join the Mothers of Lost Children movement in May if the H. Con. Res. 72 has not passed. If it has passed by this time, CPPA may organize an event to bring each state together to plan for state initiatives. 

Testimonials and Public Comment

Most boards and councils meetings provide for public comment. There are some months we are able to secure an agenda item for the family court crisis. Attend a board meeting to help bring awareness to this problem and to further change and increase accountability. Your presence will show the board these problems need immediate attention. 
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