For the Protective Parent

A Short Note to You

If you are a protective parent...

Welcome. Our protective parents are ones who realize their child has been abused and they are doing all they can to protect their child/children from harm. While most believe help will arrive once the abuse is known, the opposite may happen and life becomes complex and overwhelming. That is why we are here for you as much as we can be.

Many of our protective parents have lost custody to the abuser. If that has happened to you, know you are not alone. We are sorry for your loss, your child/children’s pain and this continuing abuse.

This world feels upside down many times. The people closest to you who should be helping you and protecting you are harming you and your child/children. Many of the agencies and professionals who should be helping are not, in fact, many are causing more harm by not protecting your child/children nor you. Divorce is a $50 billion industry and it is growing.  

On our pages you will see these statistics: 
  • 58,000 children a year in the US are placed in the custody of their abusers when abuse is reported.
  • Professionals downplay abuse, even though research shows over 90% of claims are valid.
  • Abuse is dismissed even when there is evidence of abuse.
  • Junk science and false claims are made against a reporting party.
  • Custody evaluators often favor those who pay for the evaluation, who most often are the abusers.
  • Protective parents spend on average over $100,000 trying to protect their child/children and 27% of them declare bankruptcy.
There is hope. Here you will find more understanding of the process as you educate yourself with the information provided, you will get support, and find out how you can join us to advocate for change.  

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