Get to Know Us

Get to Know Us 
We are California Protective
Parents Association and we believe that child abuse at the hands of the courts is unacceptable

Our Mission 

Protecting children from incest and family violence through research, education and advocacy

One life story can change your life.   One story can make you stand up for change. One story led to starting California Protective Parents Association (CPPA).  

Josie Cohen is the mother who tried to protect her son from being molested by his father in the 1990’s. Even though there were 63 mandated reports with Children Protective Services (CPS) and 7 or 8 substantiated instances of abuse, the DA chose not to prosecute. Jack was forced to live with his father from ages 8 to 18 after his mother died from breast cancer and his maternal grandmother repeatedly allowed Jack’s abuser to have unsupervised time with his victim.

California Protective Parents Association (CPPA) was formed in October 1999 by Connie Valentine and Karen Anderson to ensure there would be an end to abuse in our family courts and children could be safe at home.

Our Leadership


Co-Founder, Policy Director

Connie Valentine has a Masters Degree from California State University San Francisco and worked as a rehabilitation counselor for ten years. She worked at the Department of Rehabilitation Central Office for fifteen years, retiring as an administrator in 2006. With Karen Anderson, she co-founded California Protective Parents Association (CPPA) in 1999. Connie served as President of CPPA for 10 years and is currently the Policy Director.


Executive Director

Prior to joining CPPA in 2017, Catherine has focused her career in marketing and communications from traveling the world with Mickey Mouse as a spokesperson for Disney to launching Microsoft products with Ogilvy & Mather to ensuring Medicare’s Meaningful Use programs are followed by oncologists. Being a protective parent, she has been an advocate for children for years. Catherine’s volunteer work includes teaching Sunday School for more than a decade at St. Simon Church in Los Altos, CA and being the ministry co-lead for Divorce and Relationship Recovery at Menlo Church in Menlo Park, CA where she has volunteered since 2012.

Our Board

Ray Huckins

Board Member

Ray Huckins has been on the board of California Protective Parents Association since 1999. He is a native to California with a long career in law enforcement within the state. Starting in the California Highway Patrol as a patrolman and pilot and retiring after 25 years from the California Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer, Ray has been able to see the need for change in California for children. While he retired only to become a real estate broker, Ray’s passion is serving on the board of CPPA to ensure that protecting children is top priority for the state.

Karen Anderson
Board Member and Co-Founder 
Karen Anderson was a domestic violence and sexual assault counselor for 9 years in El Dorado County, California. Before that, Karen was a small business owner. She co-founded California Protective Parents Association in 1999 and was the Executive Director for 18 years.  
Kim M Robinson
Board Member
Kim Robinson has been a California attorney since 1988 and has practiced in the area of family law since 1994. She was the attorney for the mother in Marriage of Lamusga (2004) 32 Cal. 4th 1072, one of the leading move-away case in the state. Kim is based in Oakland, California and represents domestic violence victims.
Liz Edmonds
Board Member
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