For the Abusive Parent

A Short Note to You

If you are an abusive parent...
At CPPA, we believe hurt people hurt people. We are sorry for any pain you have and hardship you have encountered in your life. We urge you to get the right help. We also ask you to step aside from custody of your children at this time you are getting help. Maybe supervised visits would be helpful.  

We want you to get better. Nobody is perfect, we all need help. If you are in a situation where you are suffering from an addiction from substance abuse, alcoholism or such, we know this is the method you use to mask your pain. It is not helpful to your child/children to be around you during this time. Think about when you were a child. Did you not want the proper care and to feel safe? You can do what is right and break a trauma cycle and heal. Do you want to have your child stay in trauma? You can allow your child to live with a safe parent right now. This is not meant to be a punishment or abuse of your rights, it is to do what is best for your child.

If you are suffering from or have control issues, rage, pedophlia, narcissism, the desire to hurt others, etc, we ask that you get help. We want you to show your child that we all need help, sometimes we need more help to the point we need to just focus on ourselves. Teach them self care comes first so they too can care for others as a healthy person.

Children forced into relationships with an abusive parent are more likely to separate from the abusive parent when they are old enough to do so and permanently end the relationship. Abusive parents who seek help, grow as individuals as they stand in the truth, apologize and seek forgiveness are more likely to continue a relationship with their child in their lives ongoing.

It is a gift to your child to heal and be responsible. You are here to guide your children and provide them a safe and healthy environment.

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