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Tell Us Your Story

Why your story matters: We appreciate your willingness to share your story with us.  Hearing your story gives us a clearer view of what is going on and helps others through the process. You are not alone. Domestic violence and child abuse numbers are staggering. When this does happen to you and you take the steps to protect yourself and your family, help does not always come from the legal system. It is estimated 58,000 children a year are removed from a protective parent and forced to live with their named abuser. 

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Why your case details matter:
When a child is physically or sexually abused by a family member, we all want to know that the child will be placed in the custody of the safe parent. 

Instead, protective parents often receive denial and blame, and family courts force abused children to live with their abusers.
These are not isolated cases. We need more data to show how widespread this silent epidemic is for California and our nation. When we have the data, we are able to provide evidence need to fund more programs to bring more change. We need your data to help ensure your voice is heard. 

As we develop the site further, we will have another form here to collect case details.  Please check back again.  

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