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Others' Stories

CPPA welcomes protective parents and their children they are protecting to share their stories.  We do not confirm or deny the content  shared here.  These are their stories in their own words.

Mother Discloses Abuse and Loses Custody

My daughter disclosed she was molested and struck. She has also been a witness to DV in the home at age four. By the time she was five-years-old, she was taken from me and I was labelled as having mental illness. 

MA Judge Ignores Horrendous Atrocities

Judge Denise Meagher of Worcester, MA Family and Probate Court has done horrible things to countless mothers and children. My ex had ~50 items of neglect and abuse investigated and supported against him from DCF. This included: showing the children child porn and grooming them with preacher videos that advise “all young children to be having sex,” to hitting them with coat hangers, isolating them from society, locking them in rooms, keeping food from a child and making that child sit and watch everyone else eat, allowing the nanny and uncle to abuse the children, working 60-70 hours in a week and completely neglecting the children. The judge decided I have a mental illness although I do not (something she does to most good mothers). I have had seven psychological evaluations all clearing me of any mental illness and I have released my medical records. Still this judge gave the kids to their abusive father. Their father illegally entered from El Salvador and believes that child rape is a good thing, “that olders should be with youngers” and openly expressed his desire to rape child virgins. He has participated in much human trafficking for adults and children. He enjoys torturing. He used to put jalapeño inside me and laugh as I screamed in pain, anally raped me, and fully admits he never loved me. He only married me to try to get a green card and get away with having been originally deported. Something must be done about Judge Denise Meagher. Children are suffering and dying due to her choices. This woman smiles and smiles at me when I enter the courtroom and told my lawyer that she is sorry that my lawyer has to have me as a client. This judge had my restraining orders against my ex removed in 2 different states. He has had over 20 contempts of court and every single one was dismissed. My children are petrified and just want to be back with me. My entire life revolves around children, my BA is in early childhood education, and I am working towards a PhD in Sociology. I coached cheer and volunteered often as well as taught summer camp for many years. It is just so very wrong what this judge is doing and gets away with this.

CA Mother and Child Brutalized at the Hands of the Court System

My case follows the typical pattern of Family Court Cases when child abuse is an issue during divorce or custody disputes. The disbelief of the courts and protective agencies about children’s and a mother’s claim of abuse, and subsequent accusations of parental alienation. The agencies tasked with protecting women and children from abuse, Child Protective Services (CPS) and the police, doing bogus “investigations”. The lawyers and therapists involved in predatory actions and unethical behavior for financial gain. The misogynistic and sexist attitudes that permeate the courts and destroy mothers and their children’s lives. The Family Court system emotionally, psychologically, and financially brutalizes and retaliates against mothers trying to protect their children from an abusive father. 

In my case my husband had been trying to reduce financial obligations to my child and me for months during divorce negotiations, and his final tactic was to request additional custody time as a way to reduce child support payments. Although I was able to present emails to the court mediator, Trenessa Cromartie, that my husband was already neglecting and refusing to accept responsibility for my daughter with the 25% custody time he already held, the court mediator, who acknowledged the neglect in her report, nevertheless recommended that my husband receive 35% custody so that he could “learn” to be a better father. Ms. Cromartie, however, recommended that my husband receive no more than the 35% custody time due to the fact that she felt he was being “deliberately imperceptive” in regards to his care of our daughter. In court, the judge, Gerald C. Jessop, then arbitrarily (and it appeared arrogantly and vengefully because of the power he held) upped the custody time for my husband to 40%. I could not understand the decision as all the documentation presented to the court indicated that my husband’s irresponsibility precluded him being awarded additional custody time. After doing extensive research as well as networking with activists nationwide, I discovered that the court’s biases for 50/50 shared custody, along with sexist and misogynistic attitudes towards women in the courts, have made this a common process, fathers get shared custody regardless of their neglect, abuse, or criminal history. 

A few months after receiving the additional custody time, my husband attacked my daughter while she was at an overnight visitation with him. That event set in motion a living nightmare that I never imagined could occur in the United States of America. Agencies that I believed were dedicated and honest organizations who sincerely worked for the safety of children, Child Protective Services, CPS, (which was audited in 2013 - 2014 in California and revealed “deeply troubling flaws” according to Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles)) and the police, conducted shoddy, inept investigations and found the abuse to be “unsubstantiated” and “inconclusive,” another standard component of the pattern in these Family Court cases. The CPS agent, Aaron Meng, after speaking with my daughter and my husband, closed the case, citing Penal Code 11165.4, “because there are differing statements from the child and the father”. 
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